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Maximizing The "Outside The Gym" Factors of Muscle Growth & Fat Loss

Blueberries, Superfood or Myth?

Hard Training Vs Easier Training

Training Experience vs Development

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10 Thing That Will Happen When You Get Jacked

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Staying Swole While Traveling

The 5 Most Common Dieting Pitfalls I See (And Avoiding Them)

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12 Week Push Pull Legs Program

12 Week Push Pull Legs Program Preview

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The Growth Mindset For Success With Fitness Goals

Part 2: My Favorite Exercises For Each Body Part

Part 1: My Favorite Exercises For Each Body Part

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Your Guide To Newbie Gains

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Minimizing Acne Issues While on TRT

July Q/A

Intensity 101 + 7 Ways To Bring More Intensity

Realistic Timeline on Muscle Growth, Fat Loss, and Other Fitness Goals

The Framework For Constructing A Lifelong Diet

Why The "Big 3" Are Overrated For Muscle Growth

Weekend Warrior Workout Plan

Finding A *Good* Personal Trainer or Coach

How Much Is Too Much and Too Little in The Gym

Machines vs Free Weights

Strength Gains Vs Muscle Gains & Getting Both

Win The Day + Avoid Thinking Traps

Caloric Expenditure 101

Lifting To Mechanical Failure

How I Manage My Severe ADHD

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Going From Lean To Shredded

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Time Management For Health & Fitness

Setting Up A Proper Cutting Phase

The Truth About "Bulking"

Eating Strategies For Flexibility

Protein: What You Need to Know

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Why You Should Have A 6 Pack 1 Time in Your Life

The "Bro" Split Program

Maintaining Fitness During Ramadan

Protein Sparing Modified Fast

Maintaining Muscle

SAID Principle

Developing A Healthy Relationship With Food

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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Avoid Yo-Yo Dieting

Building Muscle For Less Than $50 A Week

10 Low Cost/Free Methods To Improve Your Health & Fitness

Tailoring Your Program to "You"

What It Takes To Build An Elite Physique

Recognizing Causes of Chronic Illness

Cold Exposure

Recognizing Causes of Chronic Illness

Diet Breaks, Refeeds, and Cheat Meals


(UPDATED) 2-3 Day Full-Body Program

Cost/Benefit Analysis of Health Decisions

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How Much Does It Take For Muscle To Grow?

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