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Principles of Programming: Setting Up Your Own Training

Principles of Programming: Setting Up Your Own Training

In Gains We Trust Podcast Episode 4


This episode discusses the design and considerations for setting up your own programing and training. The hosts Mikey and BowTiedOx emphasizes the importance of attention to detail and the benefits of standardizing programming.

The two go on to discuss the impact of load, fatigue, and safety measures on training while highlighting the need for critical thinking in exercise science and the importance of mastering movement skills. Within this rabbit hole they touch on the benefits of standardizing rep ranges and adjusting weight and reps for progression.

This leads Ox and Mikey into a discussion about intensity techniques and their role in providing raw stimulus to promote growth, especially when it comes to breaking plateaus. They delve into the effectiveness of cluster sets, rest pause sets, and drop sets in pushing the body beyond its limits. This then shifts conversation to the debate between straight sets and intensity techniques, with a focus on the role of volume and other downstream mechanism in muscle growth.

They also touch on some of the criticism of low volume training and the value of experience and authority in the fitness industry. The episode concludes with a preview of the next topic: Diet.


  • Attention to detail is crucial in program design, including exercise selection and order.

  • Consider the impact of load, fatigue, and safety measures on training.

  • Standardize programming to track progress and ensure consistency.

  • Master movement skills and consider the benefits of different exercise types.

  • Adjust weight and reps strategically to progress in training. Intensity techniques, such as cluster sets and drop sets, can provide a raw stimulus to break plateaus and promote muscle growth.

  • The debate between straight sets and intensity techniques should consider the importance of downstream mechanisms of hypertrophy in achieving optimal results.

  • Criticism of low volume training should take into account the success and experience of bodybuilders and fitness experts.

  • Experience and authority play a valuable role in the fitness industry, and their insights should be considered alongside scientific research.

  • The next episode will focus on the finer points of dieting for fat loss, muscle growth, and overall health.


00:00 Introduction to the new program

00:17 Discussion on the design of the program

01:22 The importance of attention to detail in program design

03:26 The value of taking action and iterating

05:31 The process of designing a training plan

07:23 Creating a timeless beginner program

08:45 Considerations for exercise selection

10:25 The benefits of mixing free weights and machines

13:37 The impact of load and fatigue on training

15:05 The mental aspect of exercise selection

16:11 The benefits of getting good at different exercises

18:45 Considerations for exercise duration

19:13 The importance of standardizing programming

20:38 The need for critical thinking in exercise science

22:07 The impact of load on fatigue and injury risk

23:24 The benefits of using safety measures in training

25:17 The mental aspect of exercise selection

26:31 The importance and benefits of standardizing programming

37:12 The importance of considering weight progression

43:12 The benefits of adjusting weight and reps

45:35 Intensity Techniques for Raw Stimulus and Breaking Plateaus

51:08 Volume and Growth, Fatigue and Recovery

55:08 Critiques of Low Volume Training

56:46 Questioning Authority and Experience

1:05:30 Upcoming Topic: Diet


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This is not Legal, Medical, or Financial advice. Please consult a medical professional before starting any workout program, diet plan, or supplement protocol. These are opinions from a Cartoon Ox.

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