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The Basics Of Diet and Nutrition: Establishing Successful Lifelong Habits

The Basics Of Diet and Nutrition: Establishing Successful Lifelong Habits

In Gains We Trust Podcast Episode 5

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Today’s episode features a new host, Leeroy Jenkins or maybe someone gave Ox caffeine again…

On a real note, this episode discusses the basics of diet and nutrition within the context of fitness and health, amongst the other tomfoolery the 2 typically get into.

Mikey and BowTiedOx begin the episode by emphasizing the importance of energy balance and caloric intake in achieving fitness goals whether that be muscle growth or fat loss (or both of course). This leads to them explaining the role of macronutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, and fat, in supporting these goals and the importance of each for our health (yes, even carbs).

One of the main points they highlight is the importance of choosing nutrient-dense foods, such as animal proteins, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, greek yogurt, and rice (fantastic, easily digested carb source). They really try to highlight the benefits of training your palate and finding a balance between whole foods and indulgences.

This takes them down a small rabbit hole where they discuss the importance of instilling healthy eating habits in children. Ox points out the argument “if you never let them indulge in junk they will go crazy for it when they finally have the freedom to have it” as pretty much bullshit and cope as learned habits typically follow us for life in most cases (both bad and good, Ox is still a fat kid at heart). They reflect on their experiences and the impact your childhood diet has on your food choices as adults… Mikey apparently loves tomatoes.

After that sidebar, they dive into the importance of adherence and motivation in dieting. Mikey then breaks down the six constructs of adherence which have pretty great implications and can yield great results when applied.

The rest of the episode they dive into some of the challenges of training and diet and Ox’s apparently love for Apple Jacks cereal… but it still leaves him feeling so empty, highlighting the fact of that instant gratification isn’t always the best answer and can really disrupt your diet. Ox then bitches about being a dramatic creative Prima Donna before finally getting to his point about nuances of setting up our diets intelligently and avoiding muscle loss and other disasters.

They finish off (mind out of the gutter) on the importance of micronutrients, hydrations, and some other stuff before talking about their new, totally non controversial episode about the “State of The Fitness Industry” that will be coming out soon!


  • Energy balance, or caloric intake, is a key factor in achieving fitness goals.

  • Protein, carbohydrates, and fat are the three main macronutrients that make up a calorie.

  • Choosing nutrient-dense foods, such as animal proteins, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, and rice, is important for overall health.

  • Training your palate and finding a balance between whole foods and indulgences can help maintain a healthy diet.

  • Instilling healthy eating habits in children is crucial for their long-term health and well-being. Childhood diet can have a significant impact on long-term health.

  • Adherence and motivation are crucial for successful dieting.

  • The six constructs of adherence include inspiration, motivation, intention, discipline, habit, and passion.

  • Sustainability is key in both cutting and bulking phases.

  • Meal timing and frequency should be based on individual preferences and goals.

  • Micronutrients and electrolytes play a vital role in overall health and performance.

  • The fitness industry is constantly evolving and has its own challenges and controversies.


00:00 Introduction

00:42 Overview of Diet and Nutrition

02:15 Energy Balance and Caloric Intake

03:46 Total Daily Energy Expenditure

05:16 Energy Surplus for Muscle Growth

06:13 Caloric Deficit for Fat Loss

07:24 Importance of Calorie Balance

08:35 Macronutrients: Protein, Carbs, and Fat

09:44 Calories per Gram of Macronutrients

12:19 Importance of Carbohydrates

15:59 Setting Up Your Diet

19:17 Personalizing Your Macronutrient Ratios

22:39 Takeaways

23:06 Counting Calories vs. Intuitive Eating

25:03 Choosing Nutrient-Dense Foods

28:24 Recommended Foods: Animal Proteins, Fish, Eggs, Fruits, Veggies, Potatoes, Rice

36:10 Balancing Whole Foods and Indulgences

40:21 Training Your Palate

41:26 Instilling Healthy Eating Habits in Children

43:02 The Impact of Childhood Diet on Health

45:36 The Importance of Adherence in Diet and Motivation

46:54 The Six Constructs of Adherence

52:25 The Journey from Motivation to Passion

54:53 The Challenges of Dieting and Training

56:40 The Approach to Advanced Fat Loss

01:02:45 The Importance of Sustainability in Diet

01:08:13 The Considerations for Muscle Growth

01:12:19 The Role of Meal Timing and Frequency

01:19:43 The Importance of Micronutrients and Electrolytes

01:25:28 The State of the Fitness Industry


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This is not Legal, Medical, or Financial advice. Please consult a medical professional before starting any workout program, diet plan, or supplement protocol. These are opinions from a Cartoon Ox.

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