Hey, great post, I have an unrelated question. Will pay you $200 in btc to answer this because I understand the value of your time (just post btc address)

Basically I want to know how to heal the fastest with a muscle/tissue chest injury.

I was doing benchpress with dumbbells and failed the last rep so a dumbbell (55 lbs) fell down on my left pec, at first there was no/little pain for 5 days, I even did another workout on the 3rd day. Then on the fifth day the pain worsened a LOT, think it was because I slept on my left side in a weird position.

So I went to the ER in case it was anything serious, turns out it wasn’t. But now I have pain in my chest, they said it was a "contusion" but I can't breathe deeply, exercise or do some movements like sit ups, dips without pain. (Of course I’m not exercising at all right now, but those are examples of the types of movements that would cause the most pain) They gave me anti-inflammatory medication (Ketorolac).

But I forgot to ask the doctor this which is why I'm asking you now: Doesn't anti-inflammatory medication slow your healing? Because inflammation is the natural necessary body response to wounds so if you take it away, the body doesn’t heal as fast, correct?

Basically I just want to know if taking the med will slow my healing or not. Because I can't have sex without it hurting lol. So need to heal ASAP and doctor said it could take many weeks. So should I or should I not take the anti-inflammatory med (don't care about pain, just fast rate of healing)?

Is there some mechanism by which it’s better to take the med to make the inflammation go away, so I can do everyday movements without perturbing the area which makes the injury worse? Thus taking the med would actually lead to faster healing?

Basically any time I “push down” with my left hand it causes a little pain so with regular everyday movements this happens a lot. I already tried the med once and it does take away the pain.

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Can pay in eth/erc20 as well

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and if you don't know the answer that's fine

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Anti-inflammatories are bad for muscle growth, but not actually healing, you want less inflammation.

You can’t just super speed the process man, its an injury that needs time to heal.

You’re only options would be HGH and or BPC 157/TB 500.

BPC 157 and TB 500 can speed the recovery process up, but by the time you’re able to get them in the mail you might be healed.

Other than that, maybe try something like kratom for pain, works well for a lot of people and I’m never going to suggest true opioids.

None of this is medical advice

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Thanks. your expertise is valued

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